About Emerald

ETH Group proudly presents “Emerald Rivera” adjoining the river Ganga, Haridwar, the seat of spirituality and a centre of pious thoughts and learning and the gateway to the holy Ganges attracts visitors from the entire world.

A tranquil house in the lap of Himalayas is everybody’s dream. Emerald Rivera brings you an abode adjacent to Ganga and in the midst of verdure. Throughout our life, we stay entrapped in the hustle-bustle of the city engrossed in acquiring material things. But our true asset is that elusive spiritual salvation.

Emerald Riviera is situated in the Himalayans Hills with river Ganges flowing close by in the tranquil and spiritual city of Haridwar. In Emerald Riviera you can truly devote your time to living life to the fullest. You can enjoy state of the art modern facilities in the natural environ of Haridwar.

Our eco-friendly, green Emerald Suites will be your home in the nature’s lap with the Shivalik Hills in the footsteps of the mighty Himalayan Range overlooking the holy river Ganges. Green Emerald suites created with minimal usage of natural resources with an aim to reduce carbon footprints, environmental waste and pollution.

Emerald Rivera is a epic to way you perceive life, Luxurious, spacious but never the apparent. With all new-age amenities for a wonderful luxurious life, living at Emerald Riviera is an experience that is bound to encourage a sense of pride and privilege unheard of.

Emerald green suites shall generate nominal waste. Water harvesting and mini-sewage plants shall ensure water management and recycling.

Energy efficiency appliances and energy generating facility shall ensure minimal usage of power and self-sustainability.

Natural cooling and heating system, excellent day lighting with the help of wind and structural management. By Buying a Emerald Suites you not only take care of your health but you contribute to Mother earth.